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Our ultimate commitment is to the Body of Christ, of which we are a part, to experience personal and communal worship of the Triune God, and to foster an intimate experience through music.  We believe worship is given for God’s glory and honor (Ps. 95: 1-7), and is meant to be intimate and self-disclosing (Ps. 42:1). 

Worship is not a form of entertainment or self-serving performance; rather, we sing to God as it involves our whole person, body, mind, and spirit. Worship is led by the Holy Spirit working collectively through all of us.

 We also recognize that Worship is not a Sunday-only activity, but encompasses every area of our lives all week long (Psalms 145, 150). It reflects a growing spiritual maturity in the worshipper, where worship becomes an offering unto God, expressing love, gratitude, faith, and devotion. It changes our perspective and priorities, and changes us into more of the image of Christ. As such, rehearsal is also worship. It is important preparation for Sunday, but is also worship during the week; not a performance or practice for a performance.

Minister Dominic L. Wright
Minister of Music


Praise and Musicians